New Illinois State Fake ID Card Sample

Illinois Fake ID - Sample Image


This is a GreatFakeID's Illinois Fake ID Card Sample. One of it's kind, this New template is not available in the fake id market. We have a limited stock for these because these IDs are not available in the market & new it takes more time than the rest of the old templates to complete these.

New Security Features! - Fake ID which Will Bend! & Pass the Black light test!

The holograms are 100% precise & microprinting is best in the field. Reports of our Fake IDs such as these passing at local in state bars are 90% satisfied. These Fake IDs are replicated using complex techniques & printed on high quality material obtained by our printing department. Illinois Fake ID cards come with ghost image, Microprinting, magnetic stripe & will swipe without any problems. Our Fakes are the only products in the market which will pass the bending & black light test 100% UV Guaranteed fake ids. These come with Scannable barcodes on the back.

Featured Fake ID Review by our Customer


Communication: [10/10]

As Usual GreatFakeID has great 24/7 Support. My Queries were answered within hours & to be honest I didn’t ask much as their website is user friendly & pretty much explains everything.

Cost: [10/10]

I paid $200 USD for my new IL ID, I received one free dupe.

Shipping: [10/10]

My IDs were delivered from china, as a surprised I received a free dupe & as the shipping I selected was for express delivery It took less than a week to receive this great fake id.

Stealth: [10/10]

The Packaging was superb. The IDs were enveloped & disguised properly so you will get it quietly inside your room.

Template: [9/10]

Spot on template, most would say this new state template is not going to be easy for fake id sellers. But has performed 90% of the job perfectly. This will get you that booze you want! The template has everything accurate be it ghost image, bar codes or magnetic stripe it has all the required security features.

Photoshop: [9/10]

Very fair job on the photoshop. My background was messed up but they took care of that 🙂

Scanning: [8/10]

This is one piece of a beautiful Fake ID. This Fake ID will get you scanned right away at local bars or restaurants. I was lucky to get one of these.

Holos/OVI: [8/10] 1

Holograms are actually good. State seal & hidden holograms can be viewed under black light. This ID will also bend.

UV: [9/10]

Tested for UV, MY friends had UV light and we tested it with satisfaction.

Signature: [10/10]

Signature is spot on! Hard to admit but it is truly better than any other vendor has done for me.

Conclusion: [9/10]

Overall, if you are looking for an accurate piece of printed Illinois Fake ID. You need to purchase this from GFI. This fake id will not fade & the UV INK is top quality. The edges of the fake id are round & this will make you a perfect Scannable Fake ID card.

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