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How to buy:

We Accept Three payment options, Hence have separate order forms for each payment option.

Q: How to purchase your fake id card?

A: Purchasing your fake id is two steps away. Just click one of the three payment options below to read payment instructions, each payment method instructions page has it's order form link just click on it & submit your order. It doesn't get easier than this!

(1) Calculate your total using Pricing table shown at the right side. (if ordering with express shipping add 75$ extra to your existing total).

(2) Once You calculate your total. Click on one of the Three payment options below. Clicking one of them will take you to instructions page for the payment method & their respective order form(s).

Click here to Order fake id using a Prepaid Visa or Master Gift Card  (Thousands of local retail locations takes only minutes to buy a card)

Click here to Order fake id using an Amazon Gift card  (Thousands of local retail locations takes only minutes to buy a card)

Click this link to order fake id by Bitcoin  (Private online payment)

To Order Social Security card, Select 'Social Security Card' in state list in our order form

Shipping Options:

We Offer Standard shipping & Express Shipping Options.

Standard Shipping: This is a free shipping to you. Allow 10-12 business days for your order to reach you. The time estimate is based on allotted time to make your fakes and shipping transportation time.

Express Shipping: Add $75 to your existing total for express shipping. This means you go to the front of the line and we ship express within the US providing you with tracking. This is for customers who need their order in a time sensitive manner. Goal being to have your order in 3 days from the time order is placed. One day to make you order (under 20 fakes) and 2 day shipping anywhere in the US. Orders over 20 we still put in front and ship 2 day. Issue is it is not possible in most cases to complete the order in one day and might take two days, until finished, and shipped.

You will be filling out a form for each fake id, in case your order is for more than ONE fake id. (Buying 5 fake ids, fill out 5 forms. Please note that you can use the same payment number on all 5 forms and same email)

Please use the Contact Form in case you have any question(s).
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