Fake ID Answers

Please review our Fake ID Answers page for help before emailing, we appreciate it.

Q: Pricing structure?

See our Buy Fake ID page.

Q: How to buy?

A: We offer different payment types and each payment type has a specific order form, please CLICK HERE for the available payment options & their respective order forms.

Q: What fake id states do you offer?
A: We currently offer over 40+ fake ids for different states including Social Security card. See our Page http://greatfakeid.com/our-fake-ids/ for a list of states that we currently produce.

Q: Can I provide my custom details for a fake id or license?
A: All our licenses can be customized with your given license number, Class, Expiry date, Age, & photo. We also allow you to provide us with a photo of your custom signature written on a piece of paper with a bold pen. If you do not have any custom license number, Class or Expiry, Issue date requirements you can leave those fields empty and let us generate perfect realistic stats for your fake id card.

Q: Do you provide fake identification or Fake Drivers license?
A: We provide both fake identification & Fake Drivers license, If you have any specific requirements you can mention that along with your order form in the extra details message box.

Q: How long will shipping take?

A: We provide two type of shipping options for your requirement.
Express shipping: Add a total of 75$ to your existing total, be it one or more than one ID card. You will add 75$ to your existing total for an express delivery to have your ID at your doorstep within 3-4 days time from the time of placing your order.
Standard or Free shipping: This is our standard or normal shipping procedure that we use for our normal orders. All our orders by default which are not express are shipped with standard shipping, which takes 7-10 business days to arrive.

Critical Fake ID arrival time span

We know the arrival date of your fake id can be critical to a customer when there is an event that depends on your fake id being in hand. That is why we offer our guarantee! You can rest assure that from the second you hit the submit button on the order form your IDs will be at your door in 10 days or less. Anywhere in the US you will have your order in 10 days. If we fail to meet our arrival guarantee we will refund 50% of your order. Our guarantee does not apply to international orders or events out of our control with the shipper, such as a weather delay, or invalid shipping address.


Q: More shipping details?

A: We ship all orders with tracking, but due to time and staff constraints we cant email this to you after shipped. If it has been 14 days from the time you paid and your order has not arrived contact us. In the ultra rare occurrence shipper lost your package we will promptly remake at our expense.


Open fake id package to find the ids.






Fake id location






Filler papers in the same envelope as your fake ids.






See your Fake ID






Fake id on table






Q: Where do you ship from?

A: Sorry, we do not give this information out and locations change from time to time to ensure our security.

Q: Will my fake id ___?

A: In short, yes. Each license we produce is a perfect 10 and replicated to perfection. Only way your fake id would be taken by a bouncer or the like is on you, panic, stutter, act nervous, or crack like an egg and tell them it is fake. Have piece of mind we test your license after we encode the magstrip and/or bar-code that it works and absolutely has no errors.

Q: Refund?

A: Any data error or defect that is our fault we will gladly remake the order at our expense within 2 weeks after your order has arrived. After 2 weeks from when your order arrived your information is permanently deleted. We have no way to verify your purchase after that point. We believe 2 weeks is more than ample time to notice any issue with your fake ids.

Q: How to take a good picture for your fake id?


Q: About us?

A: Our goal is to make perfect 10 fake ids and ensure every customer is completely satisfied. Understand a perfect 9 will not due for us and all IDs we make will absolutely pass in-state. Without those 2 goals achieved for every customer you will not recommend us to others. For our business this is vital and at anytime feel free to email us. We are always here to help with great customer support. We are not a youth operating out of their parent’s garage, but are professionals in the business of making fake ids. We have the best staff and equipment to produce fake id that other sites can’t match. Majority of our customers have already been let down with the quality from another site they purchased from. Please rest assure you will NEVER need to look again after ordering from us.

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