Colorado New Fake ID Card Sample

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Colorado Fake ID - Sample Image


This is a Newly Published GreatFakeID's Colorado Fake ID Card Sample. This new template is rarely available in the fake id market. The holograms are 100% precise & microprinting is best in the field. Reports of our Fake IDs such as these passing at local in state bars are 90% satisfied. These Fake IDs are replicated using complex techniques & printed on high quality material obtained by our printing department.

Featured Fake ID Review By Our Customers


SHIPPING: Took a little under a week, I ordered this with express shipping

PHOTOSHOP: Solid, the ID in the pic was one I resold and it was kind a shitty picture and GFI did good with it.

TEMPLATE: Looks solid, I know what the colors are supposed to be or whatever, The laser engraved printing is best in the market.

WINDOW: Not bad, alignment is Ok and will pose no problem in non window states.

OVI: Colorado has laser engraved designs instead of OVI and they look really good and crisp.

RAISED TEXT: This ID has A LOT of raised text and it all looks great

KINEGRAM: Kinegram on the back is solid, very shiny and just looks perfect

CONCLUSION: In short, New Colorado is a super complex ID with a ton of features and laser etching raised text window and Kinegram. I am very impressed with what GFI did and this ID is easily worth $125 and my nigger ass got it for 70 as we did a Group Order. 9 OUT OF 10, GO and Purchase!