Alaska fake ID Sample

Scannable Alaska Fake ID Card

Alaska Fake ID - Sample Images


This is a Newly Published GreatFakeID's Alaska Fake ID Card Sample. Reports of our Fake IDs such as these passing at local in state bars are 90% satisfied. These Fake IDs are replicated using complex techniques & printed on high quality material obtained by our printing department.

Featured Fake ID Review By Our Customer

Communication: [10/10]

Didn’t have to talk to once. Order process was straight forward and there were simply no questions to be asked.

Cost: [10/10]

I paid $125 USD for two copies of AK ID’s.

Shipping: [10/10]

This guy delivered the ID’s from China quicker than most vendors, delivers my ID’s Hell, I ordered this on Nov 26th and received today, on the 2nd Dec. Less then two weeks!!!

Stealth: [10/10]

The Packaging was superb. The IDs were enveloped & disguised properly so you will get it quietly inside your room.

Template: [9/10]

Compared to the Barbook alone, everything for the most part actually looks pretty spot on. I mean I’ll probably never hold a real Alaskan ID in my life but still, it’s a cool novelty piece. The “RESTRICTIONS” area on my ID is listed as “NONE” exactly how the Barbook has it as “NONE”. That’s what my Antimatter ME is for! Oh, and the window is cool too. I can see stuff through it

Photoshop: [9/10]

Very fair job on the photoshop. Slight ear shadows were even included 🙂

Scanning: [8/10]

This is one piece of a beautiful Fake ID. This Fake ID will get you scanned right away at local bars or restaurants. I was lucky to get one of these.

Holos/OVI: [8/10] 1

Holograms are actually good. State seal and each respective snowflake are decently shown and are prevalent.

UV: [9/10]

Tested for UV, MY friends had UV light and we tested it with satisfaction.

Signature: [10/10]

Signature is spot on! Hard to admit but it is truly better than any other vendor has done for me.

Conclusion: [9/10]

Being a canadian, I can use this ID for my overall Use. As Alaska is close to Canada, This is one of the best fake IDs in the market & I wouldn’t hesitate buying fake ids from, They are the best in the business.